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For Dogs and Cats our top sellers include Frontline, Adaptil, Feliway, Drontal and Droncit, Aktivait, Avipro, Atopica, Epilease, Epi-otic, Felimazole, Flubenvet, Fortekor, Incurin, Ipakitine, Metacam, Methigel, Optimmune, Previcox, Seraquin, Vetmedin, Vetoryl, Yumega and Zylkene.
And for Horses: Cavalesse, Danilon Equidos, Equipalazone, Respimin, and of course all Horse wormers.

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Worming your dog
Worming your horse
Ear infections in cats and dogs
Kennel cough in dogs .

Flea Treatment - Frontline

Frontline from 14.67
Dog Medication - DAP
Adaptil - from 16.28
Cat Medication - Feliway
Feliway - from 8.99
Animal Supplements - Yumove
Yumove from 11.87
Pet Wormer - Drontal
Drontal - from 2.09
Joint Supplements - Seraquin
Seraquin from 15.02
Pet Supplements - Yumega
Yumega from 10.91
Pet Remedies - Zylkene
Zylkene - from 35.49
Cavalesse from 25.94
Pet Supplements - Plaque Off
PlaqueOff from 11.27
Dog Joint Supplements - Glycoflex
Glycoflex from 21.29
Pet Remedies - Pro-Kolin
Pro-kolin from 10.29
Pet Medicine - Renalzine
Renalzin from 9.29
Pet Medicine - Cystaid
Cystaid just 51.99
Animal Supplements - Easeflex
Easeflex from 21.58
Pet Supplements - Dentagen
Dentagen from 7.69
Animal Supplements  Pet Tab
Pet-Tabs from 13.29
Animal Supplements - Lactol
Lactol from 6.25
Animal Supplements - Flubenvet
Flubenvet from 20.14
Animal Supplements - Hepatosyl
Hepatosyl Plus from 27.35
Cat Medication - Feliway
Samylin from 23.94
Pet supplements - Aktivait
Aktivait from 21.74
Animal Supplements - Gomega
Gomega from 29.49
Wormers - Panacur
Panacur Wormer from 3.99

Prescription Medicines for Dogs and Cats
Advocate, Stronghold, Metacam, Optimmune, Malaseb, Flubenvet, Synulox, Fortekor, Vetmedin, Noroclav, Baytril, Frontline Combo, Canaural, Vetoryl, Onsior, Antirobe, Atopica, Fuciderm, Practic, Marbocyl, Previcox, Vivitonin, Profender, Advantix, Epilease, Vidalta, Carprieve, Loxicom and Felimazole.

Dog and Cat foods: Royal Canin, Eukanuba, Hills, James Wellbeloved and ProPlan Purina.

And for Horses: Horse wormers, Danilon Equidos, Equipalazone, Regumate, Norofulvin, Prascend, Sputolosin and Pro-dynam.

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