Arthritis in pets

Arthritis in pets

Arthritis is very common in furry friends and although it can sometimes start when quite young, it usually progresses with age and can become very debilitating. If your pet is getting old and stiff then don’t worry there is lots available to help. Always talk to your vet about a comprehensive treatment plan.

You may see stiffness on getting up, reduced exercise abilities, reluctance to jump up and lameness (often seen as favouring one leg or bobbing head up and dog when walking). The good news is that with early intervention there is more and more available to help.

Providing a comfy bed, non-slip floors and ramps can sometimes make the world of difference.

Weight and Exercise
Weight control is essential, just a small increase in weight can put significant strain on damaged joints. So although too much exercise is not recommended it is important to keep these stiff pets moving with small amounts of exercise several times a day.

Medicine and supplements
There is a plethora of very effective medications and supplement treatments available. Anti inflammatory painkillers (usually Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory drugs) are almost always recommended so this is likely to form part of your pet’s treatment. 

There are various supplements available that can help arthritic pets and these contain key ingredients that are known to be beneficial for pets with arthritis.

These supplements includes glucosamine and omega 3 fatty acids and helps to reduce inflammation. YuMove is one example of a brand that contains these ingredients.