What we know about Coronavirus and the risk to your pets

What we know about Coronavirus and the risk to your pets

We are all worried about the spread of the new coronavirus causing COVID-19. So for us pet lovers the news that a dog in Hong Kong has tested weakly positive for the virus is concerning to hear.

The message from veterinary experts and virologists continues to be that there is no evidence that pets can spread coronavirus or transmit it to you.

The advice for all pet owners is to:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly after touching them
  • Clean up after your dog in the street

Maintaining good hygiene practices will also protect you against common bacteria’s such as E.coli and Salmonella that do pass between pets and humans.

In the veterinary field there are at least 100 known corona viruses

A common coronavirus in dogs causes diarrhoea and in cats the virus causes a relatively common disease Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP). Reassuringly neither of these coronaviruses have ever been transmitted from pets to humans.

Please DO NOT WORRY. It is highly unlikely that you would catch coronavirus from your pet. Our pets continue to be a source of great comfort to us, particularly in these times of worry and uncertainty. 

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