How Buy Pet Medication Manage Pet Medication Costs

How Buy Pet Medication Manage Pet Medication Costs

A life with pets is a life full of love and joy. But the one worry that sticks in every pet owners mind is whether they will be able to afford the vet fees if their pet gets sick or injured. Of course, pet insurance is highly recommended and can help cover the costs of big vet bills and surgeries your pet may need in its lifetime. But what about those regular expenses such as flea and worming treatments, anti-inflammatories for minor ailments and other prescription medications?

How Much Does A Pet Prescription Cost?

If your pet has been diagnosed with an ongoing or long term condition, your vet may prescribe a medication to manage the symptoms. Purchasing these medications directly from your vet can be costly. But, there is another way! Ordering your prescription medication online is cheaper and much easier than you would expect. A pet prescription from your vet usually costs around £15. If your pet has a repeat prescription, you can ask for most medications to be prescribed in batches of six months, so you only have to pay the prescription fee twice per year. You can then take your pet prescription and upload it when purchasing your pet medication from Vetscription and save 40% on the medication!

Which Pet Medications Can You Save Money On?

There are many reasons that your pet may need medication prescribed by a vet and it can get quite pricey, particularly when it is a regular treatment or a repeat prescription for an ongoing ailment. So, here are just a few ways you can save on prescription medications.


You must keep on top of your pet’s regular deworming treatments. Dogs can pick up parasites such as roundworm through the faeces of other animals while sniffing about in the park, while cats are prone to roundworm and tapeworm and pick them up by eating infected prey such as birds and mice. They will also groom themselves and ingest any fleas which can carry roundworm. The best way to combat this is to give your pet a monthly treatment. The treatments prescribed by your vet tend to cover a wider variety of parasites and can be ordered from Vetscriptions at a much lower price.


There are a wide variety of flea treatments available and if you have an outdoor cat or a dog with a skin condition that means that they need a specific flea treatment, your vet may recommend a prescription treatment. In this instance, you can request a repeat prescription or a prescription for up to six months worth of the treatment and then order from Vetscriptions to save 40%!


Sometimes accidents happen and your pet may be prescribed an anti-inflammatory after an injury or surgery. Or, as your pet ages, they may be prescribed medications to manage arthritis or other age-related ailments. These medications can cost a lot of money and when they are ongoing, the costs can be difficult to maintain. But, if you request your prescription from the vet, you will find that most of the medications are available to purchase online with Vetscriptions at a fraction of the cost.

Always keep in mind that if your pet shows any signs of illness, if their symptoms worsen, or you have any concerns about their health — contact your vet as soon as possible.