Pet Photo Competition

Pet Photo Competition

In August, due to the International Cat Day and International Dog Day, we celebrated both our Feline and Canine friends! So, to honour our favourite four-legged friends, we have hosted a photo competition to award the best-looking cat and most gorgeous dog!

The competitions have now ended and we want to thank you all for sharing your absolutely gorgeous pets with us, we loved seeing them all! We were delighted to see the astounding number of photo entries!

The competition was fierce as many pets were fighting over the first prize, but we are happy to say that we have our Cat and Dog winner!

🥇 Cat Photo Competition Winner: Merlin

🥇 Dog Photo Competition Winner: Shelby

🙏Congratulations to everyone who participated in our Pet Photo Competitions! You were all winners in our eyes📸 Keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook pages for more exciting competitions for your cherished friends!



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