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Arthritis is one of the most debilitating yet manageable conditions that canines and other animals can experience. Vetscriptions offers affordable medications to help your dog with the symptoms of arthritis. Most dogs are susceptible to developing arthritis in later life. Their joints become less supple and their bodies start to age, which can be a painful experience for your pooch. Being aware of the symptoms of arthritis can help keep your dog active, make them comfortable and provide them with a good quality of life in their later years. What Is Arthritis in Dogs? Canine arthritis –– sometimes referred to...

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One of the most common conditions that vets face in the clinic is older dogs with arthritis. Osteoarthritis (OA) is a progressive condition that occurs over time and causes joints to be sore and stiff as a result of degeneration of cartilage. Typically, OA is diagnosed by your vet taking x-rays of the afflicted area and your pet will also undergo a physical examination.  Arthritis is well known to be a painful condition in people, and the same is true for our canine companions. The good news is there are many different treatment options to help fight this debilitating condition. ...

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As lockdown begins to ease and our lives begin to return to normal, we thought we’d share some tips to help keep you and your pets safe during this period of transition. Pet Stress We have all had our normal lives and routines disrupted and the COVID-19 pandemic has not left our pets unaffected. Our wonderful companions have been enjoying the additional fuss and attention of us being with them all the time, but as lockdown begins to ease they may struggle to adjust to their new life with a lot less you! One of the best ways to help your four-legged...

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