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The announcement of another lockdown and even the prospect of lockdown easing in the future and us returning to a ‘new’ normal, are likely to cause stress to your pets who may have become used to having you around at all times. So what can we do to help reduce the anxiety for our pets? 

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As lockdown begins to ease and our lives begin to return to normal, we thought we’d share some tips to help keep you and your pets safe during this period of transition. Pet Stress We have all had our normal lives and routines disrupted and the COVID-19 pandemic has not left our pets unaffected. Our wonderful companions have been enjoying the additional fuss and attention of us being with them all the time, but as lockdown begins to ease they may struggle to adjust to their new life with a lot less you! One of the best ways to help your four-legged...

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Fleas Are EverywhereYour pet can pick up fleas from literally anywhere - without ever being in contact with another animal - and because of our lovely warm houses, fleas can also continue to live and breed inside our houses even in winter!  Fleas Are Hard To SpotFleas are tiny and can be difficult to spot in your pets fur. Usually by the time you notice the fleas your pet will have a lot of fleas hopping around their coat. Did you know that flea eggs can live on your pets fur for up to 10 months! Flea Bites Can Be ItchyFlea...

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There are several ways to make sure that your pet is healthy and happy and your budget low. Some of these tips are very easy to do and guarantee big savings in the long run.

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