Your FAQs During the Coronavirus Lockdown

Your FAQs During the Coronavirus Lockdown

We might all be feeling anxious as our lives are turned upside-down by COVID-19, but it’s the perfect time to remember how much animals enrich our lives and to start giving them the extra love and care they deserve. We have had a lot of enquiries about keeping your pets safe during lockdown so we have compiled a handy Q&A to help you ensure your pet is safe and protected!

Are there any medicines shortages?

The Covid-19 outbreak has raised concerns about potential medical supply issues, including both pharmaceuticals and medical products. We understand people’s concerns about making sure their four-legged friend still gets their treatment but, as far as we are aware, it is unlikely there will be a major shortage.

Nevertheless, there may be a slight delay with postal services over the next weeks so, it may be prudent to make sure your pet’s essentials are secured.

How can I obtain a repeat prescription when my vet is seeing emergencies only?

If you are concerned that your pet needs medication, please call your vet for advice. For certain repeat prescriptions, it may be possible for your vet to email, post or deliver these to you. If not, and you are unable to leave the house, then you could arrange to collect these, but remember that vets will have extra precautions in place to comply with social distancing.

Most practices are also able to offer video or phone consults to avoid unnecessary journeys. Please call your vet and they can advise you on how they can help your pet.

Do I need to continue my pet’s flea and worming treatment?

Please continue to regularly treat your pets for fleas and worms. Your pet may not be going out as often as they used to, but critters such as fleas, ticks and worms need only one second to attach themselves to a passing animal.

Since many vet practices are trying to limit the number of clients visiting the surgery, try buying your pet’s preventative treatment online. In our online shop, we have a wide range of flea and worming products to choose from to make sure that these visitors stay off your pet’s fur.

Will there be any delays in my medicines' arrival?

Whilst there are currently no shortages in medicines, there may be a slight delay's with Royal Mail deliveries over the next few weeks so, we would advise you to secure your pet’s medications soon.

Are there any useful tips for keeping my pet healthy?

  • Keep a routine
    Try to avoid changing routines. If possible, make sure that they get up and go to bed at roughly the same time each day and that they have regular times for feeding and playing. Cats in particular are very susceptible to changes in routine and get stressed.
  • Try to avoid overly long walks in arthritic dogs
    Older dogs with arthritis might be struggling more as they cope better with several small walks rather than one long walk per day. So please try not to overdo it if your pet is older
  • Keep an eye on your pet's diet
    Many dogs aren’t going out for a walk as often as they used to. Please make sure to adjust your dog's diet according to the level of exercise they get and try not to overdo it with treats.
  • Preventative Treatment
    There have been a lot of reports of fleas recently so please keep up to date with your flea medications. Choose the best preventative treatment for your pet and stay itch-free.

Please note that we remain open for business and our team will continue to work hard to get your pet medications to you as soon as they can. Stay Safe.


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