Ipakitine Powder

Ipakitine Powder

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For the reduction of phosphataemia in dogs and cats.

Dogs fed with low phosphorus diets show better glomerular filtration rates and the life expectancy of cats with mild naturally occurring CRF is 2.5 times longer when they are fed with phosphate restricted diets in combination, when needed, with phosphate binders.

Ipakitine is a complete and optimised combination of chitosan and calcium carbonate. Both substances play their role in binding phosphates. In addition chitosan binds some uraemic toxins which cause many of the clinical symptoms.

Years of use in the field has confirmed the very high palatability of Ipakitine. This is of particular importance in the case of CRF and especially for cats.

Contains Calcium carbonate: the phosphate eliminator agent
Calcium carbonate belongs to the short list of substances commonly used in human medicine to bind phosphate in patients with CRF.

Earliest stages of chronic renal failure: a preventative measure
Reducing plasma phosphorus blood concentration is now considered as the primary goal in CRF treatment. It should take place even before the reduction of protein intake.

Moderate chronic failure: Once azotaemia has been diagnosed, it is advised to lower the protein intake in order to relieve clinical symptoms. Nevertheless, anorexia is a very common clinical symptom for CRF and the main one for cats. In many cases it is very difficult or even impossible to make the cat change its usual diet towards a less palatable renal diet. In this case, Ipakitine represents a sensible and pragmatic approach that enables to keep close to the main objectives of the CRF treatment: increase survival time and improve health condition.

Severe chronic renal failure: Because at some point of the evolution of CRF, feeding with specific renal diet is not enough to limit phosphataemia to an acceptable level, phosphorus binders must be used.

Ipakitine is palatable; therefore no change in the current diet is required. Ipakitine reduces phosphataemia and uraemia.

Administration table:
1g/5kg (1 level scoop) body weight twice a day. If used in this way, one 50g pot lasts 25 days for a cat.

Body weight of cat or dog:

  • 3-5 kg - 1 scoop 2 times daily 
  • 10 kg - 2 scoops 2 times daily 
  • 15 kg - 3 scoops 2 times daily 
  • 20 kg - 4 scoops 2 times daily