Lypex Capsules - pack of 60

Lypex Capsules - pack of 60

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Lypex is a veterinary pancreatic supplement that may help in the management of maldigestion or malabsorption syndromes in cats and dogs.

Lypex is a third generation pancreatic supplement. Its capsules contain unique enteric-coated pellets which protect the active enzymes from acid digestion and ensure high concentrations reach the small intestine. Lypex capsules are protected with enteric coated granules which are not dissolved in the stomach, delivering the enzyme to the small intestine for maximum benefit.

  • Lipase 30000 Ph Eur U
  • Amylase 18750 Ph Eur U
  • Protease 1200 Ph Eur U
Directions: Dogs & cats 10kg two Lypex capsules per day (1 with each meal) Capsules can be given whole or opened and sprinkled on food.