Filta Bac Antibacterial Sunblock Cream

Filta Bac Antibacterial Sunblock Cream

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FiltaBac® is a complete protective, antibacterial, sunblock cream that acts as a totally natural second skin.

FiltaBac Cream is the ultimate in animal antibacterial skin protection for:

  • wounds
  • sunburn
  • as a sunblock
  • correcting damaged or irritated skin conditions

It is suitable for most animals - especially horses, dogs and exotics. Please note, before using on cats seek veterinary advice.

FiltaBac gives Ultra Protection from sunburn for horses, dogs and cats and heat-lamp burn in exotics.

FiltaBac Cream covers wounds on horses, dogs and exotics like a second skin, providing a barrier which simulates the properties of undamaged skin and is a total sunblock protecting the wound from any further damage by the sun.

FiltaBac protects the wound:

  • allowing transpiration of the covered area (the wound breathes but does not dry out)
  • promoting moist wound healing,
  • serous fluid can escape,
  • protective barrier prevents intrusion of external contaminants (including insects)
  • antibacterial properties of the cream protect from colonisation of the wound

Apply a covering layer of Filtabac to damaged skin area at least daily.

Ingredients: Titanium dioxide, zinc oxide cetrimide .