Harkers Coxoid

Harkers Coxoid

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Coxoid is a liquid treatment for Coccidiosis in pigeons and has also been found to be effective in poultry. Coxoid treatment for coccidiosis is administered in drinking water. It contains 3.84% amprolium hydrochloride. Use 28ml / 4.5lt (1fl.oz/gallon) for 7 days. Treat all birds, and use anti-coccidiosis disinfectant e.g. Stalosan F or Bi-OO-Cyst, throughout the house and e.g. Virkon S for their eating vessels.Coccidiosis in chickens is characterised by an appearance of being unwell, paleness of comb and wattle and dull plumage. Loss of weight may occur and droppings will appear discoloured, often showing blood, and watery. Coccidiosis is caused by a small intestinal parasite and can be fatal if left untreated.

Add Coxoid to drinking water at 28ml per 4.5L for 7 days. For serious outbreak treatment should be continued for a further 7 days. Birds should not have access to unmedicated water during this time.

Treatment with Coxoid should be followed up with a multi-vitamin supplement.

Do not use in birds intended for human consumption and do not consume eggs for 28 days after end of treatment.