Rubenal - pack of 60

Rubenal - pack of 60

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Rubenal Renal Supplement for Cats and Dogs is a complementary feeding stuff for the support of kidney function in dogs and cats

Normal kidney function is dependent to filter waste products. When the balance of renal health is tipped, this structure can change and fibrous scar tissue can accumulate.

Rubenal is the first palatable veterinary formulation of Rheum available for use in both dogs and cats. It can be used alongside specialist kidney/renal diets, kidney medications and Ipakatine.

Rubenal 300mg is designed for Dogs, Rubenal 75mg is designed for Cats and Small Dogs.

The tablet can be crushed and added to food. It is recommended that your Veterinarians opinion is sought before use or before extending the period of use. Always ensure fresh water is available for your pet.