Competition News! We have winners!

Competition News! We have winners!

Over the last few weeks, we've been inundated with amazingly cute pictures of your lovely pets! More than 700 pictures were received for our Pet Pawtrait Competition, and our judges were overwhelmed with such a fantastic level of entrant! 

Selecting an overall winner was a tough choice to make... In fact, it was so hard that we had to select three winners! 

Without further ado, here are our winners: 


1st Place
Susan C. and Obi 
Prize: a £25 Vetscriptions Voucher 

Isn't Obi just adorable? Like at this fluffy little face! Obi is a gorgeous Golden Retriever and we couldn't be prouder he got First Place! Well done, Obi... and Susan of course!  


2nd Place  
Harry W. and Arthur
Prize: a £20 Vetscriptions Voucher 

Right, Arthur, can you give us your secret to such lustrous hair? Which shampoo do you use?  

Isn't Arthur beautiful? This lovely Cocker Spaniel takes Second Place. Congratulations to you and your very talented humans! 


3rd Place  
Christina H. and Cocoa
Prize: a £15 Vetscriptions Voucher 

How can you not fall for those eyes? Little Cocoa makes the Cat Community very proud by taking Third place. Well done, Cocoa! 

Like we said, choosing our winners amongst such good pawtraits was no small feat! This is why we are dedicating a very special Honourable Mention section to 10 lucky pets! 

Congratulations to... 

Sharon C. and Paxton 
Joanne M. and Monty 
Kerry-Ann B. and Sage 
Lorna P. and Harris 
Simone G. and Douglas 
Maria J. and Alice 
Felicity de B. and Lucy 
Sue S. and Humphrey 
Vicky P. and Peach 
Gregory H. and Molly 
You all win a £10 Vetscriptions Voucher!

Can't get enough of beautiful portraits of pets? Neither can we, and this is why we will be using these wonderful photos in some of our future publications both on social media and on our website, so keep your eyes peeled! 

Thank you all so much for participating!