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You can save 40% by ordering your veterinary prescriptions online from Vetscriptions today. Download the Vetscriptions form here.

Once filled in by your vet, upload the form when you make your order and enjoy your savings!

We also offer an additional 5% discount on your first order online with Vetscriptions.

Buy Pet Medication Online in the UK

Do you have vet prescriptions that need to be fulfilled? Vetscriptions is a leading fulfiller of veterinary prescriptions in the UK. We supply the same pet medication as your local vets, from exactly the same suppliers, at prices that are at least 40% cheaper. We also offer new customers a 5% discount.  

Our best-selling items include flea treatments for dogsflea treatments for cats and much more. As well as veterinary medicines, we sell health supplements, remedies and so much more. All items are sent by the Royal Mail, so you can be sure your item will be sent securely and arrive on time. 

As a company founded and operated by vets, you can be sure that all the medicines we stock are safe and effective treatments for your pets.

Got a question for one of our expert vets?

Drop us a message below along with your email address and one of our expert vets will be in touch. We will reply within 24 hours on weekdays and 48 hours on weekends and bank holidays.

If it is urgent or an emergency please contact your veterinary surgery.


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