The Ultimate Guide to Pet Travel

The Ultimate Guide to Pet Travel

Ensuring the safety and well-being of your travel companions, including pets, is essential during a trip. While unexpected situations can arise, it is wise to be prepared. If you're travelling by car and already have a first aid kit for human injuries, it's recommended to have a separate one for your pet, tailored to their specific needs. You can purchase a ready-made pet first aid kit or create one using items you likely have at home.

For a DIY approach, you can include basic supplies in any pet first aid kit. These supplies include gauze pads, bandages, cotton swabs, an instant cold pack, a cloth roll, tweezers, a thermometer, hydrogen peroxide, and antibiotic ointment. Adding extra items like plastic gloves, scissors, eyedroppers for feeding, and bottled water is also helpful. However, it's essential to exercise caution when treating a seriously ill or injured pet on your own. In such cases, it is advisable to seek professional veterinary care by locating the nearest vet, especially for significant injuries.

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Here are some other essential items to consider taking with you when travelling with your pet:

  • PET RESTRAINTS - The top priority for any pet-friendly road trip is ensuring your pet's safety by using a reliable method to restrain them in the car. Options include a secure carrier, crate, or crash-tested seat belt harness. The primary focus is always on ensuring a safe return for everyone involved.
  • WATER – Always keep an ample supply of water. It's recommended to carry a few refillable water bottles in the car. In case of unexpected delays, especially on hot days, it is crucial to have enough water to prevent dehydration. Remember to refill the bottles every time you stop.
  • TRAVEL BOWL - Carrying water is not helpful if you don't have a suitable bowl for your pet. Collapsible bowls are a practical choice for the car as they can be easily stored when not in use and quickly brought out when needed.
  • TOYS – Travel can be boring for pets, so keeping some toys can alleviate the boredom. 
  • WASTE BAGS - It's important to have plenty of waste bags on hand to ensure you're never unprepared.

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  • PET WIPES - Pre-moistened wipes are convenient for cleaning messes while travelling with pets. Expect a few messes along the way; pet wipes can be valuable in such situations.
  • FOOD AND TREATS - Skipping a meal can leave your pet unhappy. Remember to pack enough of their regular food and some tempting treats to reward good behaviour during the road trip.
  • MEDICATION - If your pet requires medication, it's advisable to have an extra dose or two readily available. This ensures that you can administer the medication on schedule even if you're running late. In addition, using a pill carrier can help you stay organized and keep track of the doses.
  • PHOTOGRAPHS & MICROCHIP INFO - In the unfortunate event that you and your pet become separated, having printed photos of your pet can be beneficial. These photos enable you to quickly organise a search party, circulate the images, or create posters to aid in locating your furry friend.

As you embark on your summer travels with your furry companion, it's almost certain that unexpected situations will arise. Various obstacles can come your way, but you'll be well prepared, so all will be well!