Prescriptions - Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a prescription?

Certain medications such as antibiotics, painkillers, heart and kidney medicines are licensed in the UK as Prescription Only Medicine - Veterinary (POM-V). As with some human medicines you will need a prescription from your vet to purchase veterinary medicines licensed as POM-V.

Medicines are classed as POM-V to ensure they are used with close monitoring of your vet and that the correct and tailored dose is given to your pet. Prescription medicines are closely regulated to ensure correct storage, supply etc.

How do I get hold of a prescription?

From the vet who treats your pet! Ask your vet for a written prescription for the medicines that your pet needs. After 2005, vets are required to allow their clients to buy medicines from the supplier of their choice. Your vet will still need to see your pets for health checks and monitoring BUT the medicines will be much cheaper if you buy online.

For most veterinary medicines and especially for long-term arthritis, heart, kidney, hormone or allergy medication, you can save over 60% by buying from our online pharmacy. You will need to upload a copy of the veterinary authorised prescription, this needs to be a clear image so that we can read it in full. Uploaded prescriptions must include the drug, dosage, and quantity to be supplied along with instructions for use and the full name and details of the prescribing vet. 

You are now ready to place your order with Vetscriptions!

How much does a prescription cost?

Vets often do charge for prescriptions. The prescription fee varies according to the practice, however, the average cost is £10-£20. Please, bear in mind that there is often a lesser charge if multiple medications are needed. Speak with your vet and confirm what their fee will be.

How much medication can I get with my prescription?

Every vet surgery has a different policy when it comes to prescriptions but usually, your vet can provide a prescription for 3-6 months. It is important to note that your pet’s condition as well as how often your vet requires seeing your pet for re-evaluation, can also determine the duration of the prescription. For instance, prescriptions for flea and worming medication can often be longer than 12 months. Consider asking your vet for the longest possible prescription, especially if your pet is on long term medication.

How can I send my prescription to you?

All of our POM-V products are highlighted clearly on the Vetscriptions website and when selecting a POM-V product you will be prompted to “upload prescription” from your phone or computer. Prescriptions can be either scanned documents, jpeg or pdf formats. Uploaded prescriptions must include the drug, dosage, and quantity to be supplied along with instructions for use and the full name and details of the prescribing vet.

Please note your medication will not be dispatched until the prescription has been received. We can only dispense up to the total quantity stated on the prescription. 

How long can I use the prescription?

The duration of the amount on the script will vary on each surgery’s policy, however, many vets are able to give prescriptions for 6 months and others for 3 months. Please check your prescriptions expiry date and use limits prior to placing your order. If your prescription is out of date then your order will have to be cancelled and refunded, as it is a legal binding document.

As the duration of the prescription also depends on the severity of the condition, your vet might insist on seeing your pet before authorizing a repeat prescription to make sure the correct treatment and dosage is prescribed and to check for any adverse effects.

For more information on prescriptions such as restrictions for controlled drugs, fraudulent prescriptions and reporting of adverse effects, see below:

Special restrictions Controlled Drugs (Such as Epiphen or Phenoleptil)

Prescriptions for certain medicines don't follow the rules shown above. There are a small handful of medicines that are described on our website as "Schedule 3" medicine. The differences between these medicines and other POM-V medicines are as follows:

  • All medication prescribed must be purchased within 28 days of the date the prescription was signed – the 6-month rule does not apply
  • The original prescription must be posted to us - we cannot accept faxed, emailed, uploaded, photocopies, etc.
  • Repeat prescriptions are not accepted – each order must have a new prescription

Prescription misuse

It is an offence to submit a fraudulent prescription to obtain veterinary medicines or for a person to alter a prescription in any way unless authorised to do so by the prescriber. Any suspected case of such fraud or unlawful alteration of a prescription will be referred to the appropriate enforcement body. If we have any concerns about the validity of a prescription, the details will be verified with the issuing veterinary surgeon

Reporting adverse reaction

No effective medicine is risk-free and all medicines have the potential to cause adverse effects. If you suspect that you or your pet have an adverse reaction to any medicinal product, please contact your vet and report it to the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) using this form.