Cat - Fleas, Ticks & Worms

Buy Cat Worming Tablets and Cat Flea Treatments in the UK

All cat owners know that fleas, ticks and worms can cause serious problems for kitties. The good news is that there are a large range of preventative treatments available for your pets. Regularly treating your pets with preventatives will ensure your pet and home remain parasite free!

Vetscriptions sells cat worming tablets and cat flea treatments as well as treatments for ticks. Flea treatments for cats usually come in two forms, via a pipette or as a spray.

Worming treatments usually come in the form of tablets that kill intestinal worms. Vetscriptions is an online-only company with low overheads, so we’re able to sell the same cat worming tablets and cat flea treatments as your local veterinarian, but at least 40% cheaper. If you’re a new customer, you qualify for a 5% new-customer discount on your first purchase.