Droncit Spot-On Cat Wormer - Pack of 4

Droncit Spot-On Cat Wormer - Pack of 4

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Droncit Spot-On is for the treatment and control of tapeworms in cats - a common worm affecting cats. Tapeworm infection has a high potential to re-occur unless the intermediate hosts such as fleas are controlled.

If your cats roam and hunt, come in contact with, and consumption of, mice and subsequent re-infestation with Taenia taeniaeformis is impossible to prevent. It is strongly recommended to re-apply Droncit Spot-On when signs of tapeworm infection re-appear or at monthly intervals.

Can be used on pregnant or lactating cats.

Not to be used on cats that weigh less than 1kg.

It is recommended to treat most adult cats against Tapeworm, 4 times a year.

Pack of 4 tubes each containing 20mg (0.5 ml) praziquantel. It is essential to read all product packaging and labels prior to use. Administer 1 tube per 2.5kg bodyweight.