Droncit Worming Tablet for Cat and Dog Per Tablet

Droncit Worming Tablet for Cat and Dog Per Tablet

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Effective against both immature and mature forms of adult tapeworms in both dogs and cats.

Please see dosage chart below to indicate number of tablets recommended for the weight of your pet.


  • The dose for dogs is 1 tablet per 10kg bodyweight
  • The dose for an adult cat is half a tablet

A single dose is all that is required. However, for dogs in rural areas and for packs of hounds this dose should be repeated every six weeks.

Tapeworm infection is certain to re-occur unless control of the intermediate hosts which are mainly fleas in dog. Flea infestations can be controlled by the regular use of effective flea control remedies.

Can be used on pregnant or lactating bitches.

Legal Category: NFA-VPS

This product requires an Animal Health Form to be completed.

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