Vet Services as the Lockdown Eases

Vet Services as the Lockdown Eases

As the lockdown starts to ease and we gradually return to normal, we'd thought to give you an update on things to expect with regards to your pet’s health and vet services.

    Resumption of vet services

    Following recent updates from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS), vets are now able to resume some of their routine services such as:

    • Vaccinations
    • Neutering
    • Dental procedures

    If your pet’s vaccines have been delayed because of Coronavirus, now’s the time to book an appointment with your vet and get them back on track.

    Safety first at practices

    With the onset of the “new normal”, when visiting your vet, you are likely to be asked to follow new procedures and protocols to prioritise your safety, as well as that of the staff.

    • Leaving pets with staff at the door – You may be asked to wait outside the surgery whilst your vet is examining your pet. Vet practices will generally be limiting the number of people allowed inside but they might be able to provide some comfy seats or a gazebo for those hot and sunny days.
    • Masks - You will also be expected to wear face-covering when you enter the waiting area. Do remember to let your vet know if you or any of your family members have been experiencing COVID symptoms or are self-isolating. In either of these circumstances, they may request that a friend or neighbour brings the pet to the surgery on your behalf.

    Video appointments from the safety of your home

    If you are worried about your pet but you are not sure whether your pet's condition should be treated as an emergency, bear in mind that most vets can provide video or telephone consultations as an alternative.

    In the past few months, many vet surgeries have introduced this form of consultation with their vets and nurses which continues to be a great way for you to address any issues regarding your pet and for your vet to determine whether they can be treated remotely or will require further examination in the practice.

    Common lockdown pet health issues

    During the lockdown, vets have reported that people have (understandably) delayed visits to their vets, resulting in unnecessary suffering and lengthier treatment for some pets. If you spot anything unusual about your pet’s behaviour or health, please do call your vet for advice. Don't leave it too late!

    These are some of the pet health problems reported by vets recently:

    • Vomiting and gastrointestinal issues - An increase in such health issues has been observed across the country. Be aware that as we move into barbecue season, dogs may get hold of food that could upset their tummies. Be extra diligent and call your vet as soon as you notice vomiting or any other issues.
    • Cat flu - Worryingly, there have been many cases of cat flu, suggesting that our feline friends need their vaccinations updated soon.
    • Urine health issues - Cystitis and blocked bladders have also been common in cats, likely as a result of changes to their daily routine, diet, and additional stress. Contact your vet if you suspect your pet is suffering from urinary health issues.

    Your pet's medication

    Since many vet practices will be limiting the number of clients visiting the surgeries, this poses certain challenges in getting hold of your pet’s medication. If your pets need medication, consider buying online as it will save you money and time. For certain repeat prescriptions, it may be possible for your vet to post or deliver these to you. 

    VetScriptions offers a wide range of vet meds and products to ensure that your special companion has everything for their health needs. If you have any concerns about your pet’s medication, please contact your vet for advice.