Why are Vets so Expensive?

Why are Vets so Expensive?

Sometimes it feels like vets are taking advantage of pet owners with expensive prescription medications and you might find yourself asking, “why are vets so expensive?” Find out why vets charge so much and how Vetscriptions could save you money. 

Special Licensing Is Required for Prescription Medicines

There are restrictions on what medicines vets can provide due to strict rules around animal prescriptions. They can’t simply prescribe the cheapest human version of a medicine. Instead, they’re obliged to provide veterinary-licensed medicine, which can be many times more expensive than their human counterpart. While it might be tempting to try and find cheaper alternatives to your pet medication, you should always consult a vet before giving your pet human medicines.

Veterinary Prescriptions Have Multiple Markups

Any medicine you get from a vet will have multiple markups applied from the wholesaler and at the vet surgery. This is implemented to cover the costs of stocking and supplying the medication. But, this multiplication of markups can sometimes result in eye-watering prices for animal prescriptions that’ll put a strain on your finances.


Medications in Small Amounts VetScriptions

Are Vets Only Allowed to Stock Medications in Small Amounts?

Vets must stock a range of medicines, from long-term veterinary prescription medication to emergency drugs and anaesthetic agents. But, there are stringent rules on storage, meaning that many of these drugs must be discarded if they go out of date. 

It’s for this reason that vets can only stock a certain amount of each medication; otherwise, they risk wasting huge quantities of prescriptions for pets if they expire before they can be used. Contrary to public belief, vets in practice rarely make a significant profit on their medicines, 

Staff and Equipment Costs for Vets

Veterinary practices have a significant array of costs to deal with. They need to pay their vets –– who are highly qualified and in demand–– as well as other staff members, such as nurses, receptionists, practice managers and so on. All these costs quickly add up, meaning practices need to find ways to recoup this money.

The veterinary equipment is also expensive to buy and maintain. Practices also need to stay up-to-date and compliant with a vast range of accreditation schemes which can be costly to apply for. 

Do Vets Charge VAT?

Vets must add 20% on top of everything they charge for, as VAT is levied on them at 20% (like most other private businesses). Costs can appear high compared to other health professionals exempt from VAT.

Why Do Vets Charge So Much?

There are a surprising number of unseen costs involved in running a vets surgery. From special licensing requirements for animal medications to staffing and equipment costs, it’s not surprising that veterinary prescriptions are so expensive. With prices so high, it can be difficult to keep your pet healthy if you have a limited budget, putting a real strain on your relationship with your beloved pet.

So, what can you do about it? One of the best solutions is to buy your long-term pet medicines online with Vetscriptions. As a company owned and operated by vets, you can get the certified medicines you need to keep your pet healthy at a fraction of the cost of buying from a veterinary practice. 

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