Why are Vets so Expensive?

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Why are Vets so Expensive?

Sometimes it feels that vets are taking advantage of pet owners with their costs, which seem so expensive. For example, medicines bought from your vet can often be sourced at half that price or less online. Why is that and more importantly what can you do about it? 

Special licensing for vet medicines
Vets are highly restricted on what medicines they can provide due to strict rules around the drugs they can prescribe. They cannot just prescribe the cheapest human version of a medicine, they are obliged to provide a veterinary licensed medicine which can be many times more expensive than their human counterpart.

Multiple mark ups

Any medicine that you have from a vet will have multiple markups applied from the wholesaler and at the vet surgery. This covers the costs of stocking and supplying. The multiplied effect of this can sometimes result in some eye-watering prices.

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Vets must stock everything in small amounts
When you go to the vets you expect them to stock all medicines. Vets must stock such a very large range of medicines from long term medicine to emergency drugs and anaesthetic agents. There are very strict rules on storage and many of these drugs must be discarded as they go out of date. Contrary to public belief, vets in practice rarely make significant profit on their medicines.

Staff, equipment and building costs
Vets have a significant array of costs to deal with – it’s not just vets but also nurses, receptionists, practice managers etc. They are highly qualified and in very short supply.

The Veterinary equipment is also very expensive to not only buy but also maintain. AND there are lots of accreditation schemes and monitoring that have to be signed up for to keep practices up to date and compliant.

And lastly, don’t forget the dreaded VAT. Vets must charge 20% on top of everything they charge and so costs appear high compared to other health professionals.

All in all, there are a surprising number of unseen costs involved in running a vet surgery.

So, what can you do about it?
Well, one helpful solution is to buy your long-term medicines online as you can get the medicines at a fraction of the cost. We can buy in bulk and have minimal costs so we can pass on savings to you and your pet.

 All you have to do is shop for your medicines, scan in the prescription from your vet and hey presto the medicine arrives shortly after. Give us a try. …. www.vetscriptions.co.uk

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