Nutritional Medicine

Nutritional Medicine

If you give the body - animal or human - the correct nutritional building blocks, it has a truly remarkable ability to help many operational and functional disorders. 

Maintenance of good health is not just about antibiotics for infections, anti-inflammatories for inflammation and analgesics for pain. 

The sailors of the Middle Ages knew that without citrus fruits (a potent source of vitamin C) they would develop scurvy, and that giving limes, oranges and lemons to people with scurvy gave them a chance to get better. 

Nutraceuticals are not drugs and are not intended to replace conventional medical treatment, but we now know that there are dozens if not hundreds of other similar situations, where nutritional deficiencies are part of the disease process, and that by correcting or supplementing properly, we can give the body a better chance to heal itself.

And that is exactly where nutraceuticals and nutritional medicine (and in your case, Vetscriptions) come in.