EasyPill Cat Putty

EasyPill Cat Putty

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Easypill Cat Putty has been designed with your cat in mind making giving their tablets and medication as easy as giving them a tasty treat. Simply hide the medication inside a small amount of Easypill Cat Putty, just enough to cover the tablet, and give to your cat. 

Available in singular 10g pouches or a pack of 30, Easypill Cat Putty has a flavour and smell that your cat will love and is accepted happily by most cats. Due to its soft texture, you only need to use as much putty as is required to cover the medication. The rest can be returned to the packet and used for the next dosage. One 10g packet is usually enough to cover ten dosages, but this will vary depending on the medication.

Vetscriptions are a vet-founded and vet operated company supplying safe and effective products for your pet.  Purchase Easypill Cat Putty from Vetscriptions today in either singular pouches or packs of 30.