Palladia Tablets for Dogs - Per Tablet (Prescription Required)

Palladia Tablets for Dogs - Per Tablet (Prescription Required)

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Palladia is used to treat dogs with mast-cell tumours (a type of skin cancer). It is used for tumours that are severe in character (grade 2 or 3), have come back, and cannot be removed with surgery. The usual dose is 3.25 mg per kilogram bodyweight, and the number of tablets to use is carefully calculated for each dog. The tablets are given every other day, with or without food. The duration of treatment depends on the dog’s response to treatment.

Please order the strength of tablets and number of tablets on your prescription.


Palladia is an anti-cancer medication and, as such, it needs to be handled very carefully.

Palladia may be dangerous to unborn fetuses when handled by pregnant women. Women who are pregnant, nursing or planning to become pregnant need to be especially careful in handling the medication.

Children should not be allowed to handle Palladia and Palladia should be stored in a secure location, as should all prescription medications.

When handling Palladia, dog owners should:

  • Wash their hands thoroughly after handling the tablets
  • Try not to split or break tablets
  • Wear gloves when it is necessary to handle broken tablets
  • Administer Palladia tablets to their dog immediately after removing from the bottle
  • Not handle tablets spit out by the dog without gloves
  • Check to make certain the dog has ingested the Palladia tablet completely if hiding the tablet in food.

Legal Category: POM-V

To find details on all veterinary medicinal products currently authorised in the UK, please see the VMD's Product Information Database.

IMPORTANT LEGAL INFORMATION: this is a Veterinary Prescription Only Medicine (POM-V), which can only be prescribed by a veterinary surgeon, but may be dispensed by another veterinary surgeon or pharmacist. 

You can download a Vetscriptions Prescription form here.