Plaque-Off Dental Bites

Plaque-Off Dental Bites

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Plaque Off Dental Bites are a unique product which discourage dental plaque from sticking to teeth and softening tartar deposits. The result of this is an improvement in breath odour followed by existing tartar softening for easy removal. Plaque Off Bites contain a special type of seaweed which should be used alongside a good oral hygiene regime.

Instructions for use - Effective against existing bad breath, dental plaque and tartar, or to be used as a prevention. Give PlaqueOff Dental Bites in the quantity indicated, keeping to the daily amount. PlaqueOff Animal works sytemically and must be used daily to achieve the desired effect but can be ceased at anytime. If reintroduced to the diet after a break it may take up to 3 weeks of daily use to see the benefits again.

Daily Quantity - Up to 25kg: 4 Bites per day (0.83 calories per Bite). Minimum 1 month’s use per pack. Always leave fresh water available.

If used in conjunction with PlaqueOff Animal (powder), please note that 4 Bites are equivalent to 2 scoops.

Please note: Not suitable for cats with a hyperactive thyroid.