Protexin Prokolin Paste

Protexin Prokolin Paste

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A highly palatable paste formulation containing beneficial microorganisms, prebiotics, kaolin and pectin, whose absorbent and soothing properties are well known.

• Soothes the gut lining
• Contains kaolin - a natural binding agent
• Includes beneficial microorganisms to rapidly populate the gastrointestinal tract
• Prebiotics to enhance the growth of beneficial microorganisms
• Improves consistency of stools

Pro-Kolin+ is a very palatable probiotic formulation containing kaolin and pectin, whose absorbent soothing properties in the gut have been used for many years. The inclusion of prebiotics acts to selectively feed beneficial microorganisms within the gut thus enhancing colonisation and growth. The beneficial microorganisms contained in Pro-Kolin+ occur naturally in the gut of all healthy animals. These microorganisms colonise the immature gut or re-establish the disrupted gut, thus promoting the mechanism of competitive exclusion against potential pathogenic bacteria.


  • Puppies and small dogs: 1-2ml, two-three times a day
  • Large dogs: up to 5ml, two-three times a day

Give by mouth for as long as considered necessary or as directed by a veterinary surgeon.

Contra indications: There are no contra indications or restrictions on the use of Pro-Kolin+.

Storage: Store in dry, clean conditions, out of direct sunlight.

Ingredients: Soya oil, Preplex prebiotic FOS & arabinogalactan), Pectin, Kaolin, Artificial beef flavouring

Analytical declaration: Protein trace, Oil 40.0%, Fibre 1.0%, Ash 37.0%