VetPlus Switch Lotion for Horses

VetPlus Switch Lotion for Horses

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Switch Lotion is a ready to use liquid solution to facilitate the maintenance of Sweet Itch in horses, ponies and donkeys. Easy to use thanks to a calibrated dispensing chamber found within the applicator bottle. Use Switch Lotion at the start of Sweet Itch season and repeated as and when needed.

4% w/v (4 g/100ml) Permethrin (cis:trans 80:20).

External pour-on liquid to aid control of Sweet Itch in horses & donkeys.

Switch is a ready to use solution that should be applied at a rate of 1 ml per 10 kg bodyweight to a maximum of 40 ml. Apply Switch using the calibrated dispesing chamber incorporated into the applicator bottle. Apply the measured dose in roughly equal portions to the mane and rump avoiding the saddle area. Treatment should be started at the beginning of the sweet itch season and repeated as necessary. If horses and donkeys are to be groomed, apply Switch after grooming.