Zylkene Capsules

Zylkene Capsules

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Zylkène is a novel product – an extract of the milk protein casein - which is proven to help manage stress in dogs and cats. Naturally.

There are many common causes of stress for dogs and cats, including: Moving house, Arrival of a new baby or a new pet, A new cat moving into the outside territory, Sudden noise e.g. fireworks or thunderstorms, Cattery or Kennel stay.

Zylkène can help calm them and allow them to cope better, without having to resort to pharmaceutical anti-anxiety medicine.

Dogs and cats obviously cannot tell us how they are coping, but they can alter their behaviour. There are many different ways pets can show stress including: Posture changes e.g. crouching, dilated pupils, Changed demeanour, House soiling, Changes use of their environment e.g. changed resting place, reduced exploration or stopped visiting a certain part of the house, Changes in pattern of sleeping, Habits such as excessive licking and grooming, Reduced play, Changed interaction with humans or other pets – can be increased or decreased.

Zylkène comes in 75mg, 225mg & 450mg capsules which are colour coded for size. It only needs to be given once daily, and is easy to give. Simply open the capsule, and mix the palatable powder with food or a treat. Zylkène has not been associated with any side effects.


  • Cat 1 x 75mg Capsule daily, 
  • Large cat / Small dog Dogs between 10kg & 20Kg 1 x 225mg Capsule Daily
  • Dogs between 20Kg & 40Kg 1 x 450mg Capsule Daily
  • Dogs over 40Kg 2 x 450mg Capsules Daily

Behaviour modification techniques and toys can also help your pet to deal with stress – ask your vet or behaviourist for further advice.