Stress & Anxiety in Cats

Cat Calming Remedies For Stress & Anxiety

Cats can experience stress and anxiety for many different reasons — a house move, a new addition to the family or even just a vet visit can cause real upset with our feline friends. Vetscriptions sell a variety of cat calming products to help make your cat feel more calm and relaxed.

All cats react differently to stress and can display symptoms and behaviours that we may not associate with anxiety. It is common for cats to develop urinary tract problems when highly stressed and anxious while others develop behaviours such as becoming reclusive or aggressive and urinating in the home. 

There are several scientifically proven methods of cat calming, which include nutritional tablets containing amino acids to help boost serotonin levels and pheromone scented sprays and plugins to calm and relax your cat.

Here are some handy tips to ensure your pet feels safe and calm during those noisy nights.

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