Stress & Anxiety in Dogs

Stress & Anxiety - Calming Aids For Dogs

There are various reasons that your canine companion might feel stressed or anxious:  from occasional stress such as fireworks, vet visits and long car journeys to the day-to-day events such as being left alone or the sounds of household appliances.

Whatever the source of your dog’s worry, Vetscriptions have calming aids for dogs with all sorts of behaviours. Amino acids and B-vitamins have been associated with the production of serotonin and scientifically proven to have a calming effect on dogs when ingested in either a tablet or liquid

There are also proven benefits of pheromone-based products that produce a scent that is odourless to humans but replicates that of the pheromone produced by mothers that have just given birth to puppies. This pheromone is effective on dogs of all ages and helps them to feel naturally more calm and at ease and is available in sprays and plugins.

Here are some handy tips to ensure your pet feels sale and calm during those noisy nights.

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